Restoration Projects

Hardwood floors are elegant, long-lasting, and considered a sign of quality in a home. Old hardwood floors offer extra charm along with character and history. Unfortunately, they also often come with stains, cupping, and squeaky boards, too.

But replacing these old floors is an expensive option. Generally speaking, hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished six or seven times. This not only saves you quite a bit of money over the years, it lets you retain the allure and beauty of the original wood.

FlooredAtHome recognizes the intrinsic value in maintaining the uniqueness and beauty of natural wood. But working with older wood can be challenging and you need to know the right processes so you can preserve the wood, not damage it. Our guys train extensively in restoring old wood so they can skillfully bring our customers’ floors back to life.

Have any questions about restoring your old wood floors? Give us a shout, we’d love to help.