Hardwood Floor Installation

When most people think about Hardwood Floor Installation they think about the actual wood but typically leave the installation as an afterthought. The truth is, the two go together like hardware and software, like a car and its engine…like gin and tonic. You simply can’t have one without the other, and the quality of each is critical to the quality of the whole.

When it comes to Hardwood Floor Installation, its imperative to pay attention to the subfloor, the moisture, the racking pattern, the spacing, the adhesive choice, the levelness of the floor just to name a few things. Anyone who tells you that any of these things are not a big deal, should very simply not be installing your floor. It is estimated that there is an estimated $1 billion dollars worth of reported hardwood flooring damage on a yearly basis, and yet most of it can be prevented. Without giving these things the proper attention, Hardwood Floor Installation will fail. Floors will cup and crown, gap and check, squeak, creak, and buckle.

FlooredAtHome prides itself on the details in an effort to make sure every floor is installed per rigorous guidelines and ensuring a beautiful end product that will last for years and years to come. FlooredAtHome’s team of installers are true craftsman in every sense of the word with years of experience and hundred of successfully completed projects. We are a company that believes in doing things right the first time. So many companies take short cuts at their customer’s expense. That’s simply not how FlooredAtHome works. We work tirelessely to build and grow our business off of great reviews, great references, and great referrals.

Hardwood Flooring is often one of the largest if not the largest investment people make in their homes and for good reason. Don’t just protect your investment, make it amazing, make it beautiful, and leave an impression.