Oak Hardwood Flooring

The Beauty of Oak Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to choices of hardwood flooring, oak is one the most popular, especially here in the North East, and with good reason. Oak hardwood flooring is affordable, durable, easy to refinish, and stains extremely well. It also offers a timeless, classic look.

Oak is also a smart investment, as it adds a tremendous value to your home. Not only do oak floors increase the price of a home, but because they are so hard and durable, they also last for years and years.

And, for homeowners who are environmentally-conscious, oak requires less energy in the manufacturing process than other synthetic floors. You can keep an eye out for wood with an FSC certification, or feel comfortable knowing that we do that for you. And, it’s one of the best woods to reclaim and reuse, so you can feel good about recycling too.

FlooredAtHome carries a wide selection of red and white oak, so you’re certain to find the perfect flooring for your project.

Have any other questions about oak hardwood flooring? Get in touch with us. We’re not only passionate about installing hardwood flooring, but also helping customers choose the right products for their homes.