Hardwood Flooring Cost

How Much Does Hardwood Flooring Cost?

This is probably the question we hear the most from people, and it’s not one that can be answered easily. The cost of each refinishing or installation project is based on a variety of factors including the size and scope of the project, products used, and any customizations that you require. Simply put, every home and every floor is different.

What we can tell you is that hardwood floors are an excellent investment. You’ve already made a sizeable investment when you purchased your home, so why not invest in your investment and enjoy the space you’re living in by installing or refinishing your hardwood floors.

Ask any realtor and they’ll tell you that hardwood floors can help you sell your home faster and increase the value of your home. Why? Because hardwood flooring is the preferred flooring choice. People love it and they want it, and if your home has it, you’ll benefit should you ever choose to sell. Then again maybe you’ll love the floors so much you’ll choose not to.

Easy to Clean

Unlike carpeting, hardwood floors don’t accumulate much dust, dirt, or other debris. This makes them very easy to clean. Just use a dry mop once a week and that’ll do it. It also makes them a great option for those people who have allergies.


Hardwood floors are extremely durable and can stand up to heavy foot traffic areas. So even if you have a house full of young children and pets, your floors will stand up to the challenge.

Timeless Beauty

Hardwood floors offer any home a timeless beauty and elegance. If you’re looking for a way to add warmth, character, and charm to your home, consider installing hardwood.

Saves You Money Over Time

We can’t talk about hardwood flooring costs without talking about how much these floors will save you in the long run. Unlike vinyl or carpeting, which must be completely replaced over time, hardwood floors can simply be refinished. And, hardwood becomes even more valuable as time goes by!


If you’d like to talk about specific hardwood flooring costs, give us a call. Once we know more about your project, we can give you a quote.